What's wownder?

It is not an English word. It is not a typo either. It is just a name!

Duh... Tell me more.

Ok... It signifies wow, wonder. Have you ever realized that we live in a World Of Wonders?

We are like Alice in this wonderland. But most of us hardly ever realize it! So much that we encounter every day is taken for granted, never questioned, or questions are suppressed. If we dig a little deeper, there is a wonderful world of exciting things!

Through wownder, I intend to take you just a wee bit under into this amazing rabbit hole. After all, "Wisdom begins in Wonder" - Socrates.

Is it for kids only?

It is for the kid within each of us. It does not matter whether one is or is not a kid by age. The kid within us is always curious. Some of us let it sleep, as we get busy with our lives. Wake it up once in a while and see how much fun it can be.

But yes, to make it suitable for everybody, the explanations and the language used would be simple. The intention is to tickle exploration, not teach.