Friday, November 11, 2011

It's now 11:11:11 on 11-11-11

Today is such a unique day - the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011. And when I posted this the time was the 11th second of the 11th minute of the 11th hour.

There are many unique patterns that can be created from the date and time of today. Here are at least 30 of them. Can you find more?

Date & time patterns today. (click to enlarge)


  1. bro, even 11:11:12 on 11.11.11 will come once in a life time :) :P :) lol J4Fun

  2. @Deepak Of course, each moment of history is unique! I was however trying to highlight the mathematical pattern rather than the rare occurrence of the time. Thanks for reading my post. :)

  3. Did you schedule the post for 11:11:11 or did you sit watching the seconds change with your finger on the publish button? I was (almost) certain that this post would come from you today. Thanks for the interesting combos.

  4. nice and interesting

  5. @imaginopia Thanks

    @Subhorup I did schedule the post. :) But was anyway conscious of the moment when it passed and sent the post out to friends after that. Thanks for reading!

  6. I am lucky. I was born on this day. Yesterday 11-11-11 was my Bday. :)

    Good post.



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